World-renowned photographer David Allio will host a rigorous one-day immersion program of technical motorsports photography at Gateway Motorsports Park’s NHRA-sanctioned Dragplex on Saturday, July 16. The class is limited to 36 students and tuition is $149.

Allio’s credentials include 45 years of professional motorsports experience. He has been the chief track photographer at 10 speedways (and currently is the chief track photographer at Las Vegas Motor Speedway). Allio holds a Master of Fine Arts graduate degree and has earned awards around the world for his work.

Allio will be joined by his son, Michael, who now is the chief track photographer for GMP. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Education and is extensively published, including recently in ESPN and Speedway Illustrated Magazine.

The class will have an emphasis on safety, professional conduct, digital imaging and an overview of marketing, image licensing and copyright.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Personal safety practices and working with track safety officials.
  • How to “value” photographs and an overview of image licensing and copyright.
  • Detailed technical discussion on low-light action technique for film and digital photography.
  • Photographic equipment selection: cameras, lenses, travel cases.
  • Workflow and digital file preparation for publication, including software and storage.
  • Professional portfolio development (or what tracks expect when hiring photo staff), branding, social media, ethics and practices.

Live-event coverage will include documentation of an event (PSCA and Fun Ford Weekend events at the Dragplex), weather permitting.

Summary: Final 30-minute Q&A following the event. Allow 8-12 hours for complete program (time varies on event).

Tuition includes:

  • Discussion and on-site instruction by David Allio, a 45-year professional motorsports photojournalist.
  • Topic-specific instructional case study guides.
  • Event access and pit pass.

To register online: For questions and additional information, please e-mail: [email protected].