September 3 — Tyler Richardson of St. Louis won the next-to-last Pro final of the 2016 bracket racing season tonight at Gateway Motorsports Park. Tommy Heaney of Imperial, Missouri, won the final round of Super Pro eliminations and Erik Lipka of O’Fallon, Missouri, score d the win in Sportsman class. Charles Willis Jr. continued his domination of the Super Pro Motorcycle class and Corey Landolt of Hermann, Missouri, won the 1/4-Mile Bonus Race.

Mikayla Greene of Lawson, Missouri, won the Jr. Dragster Lightning class while Lindsey Schmidt of Imperial, Missouri, won the Jr. Dragster Thunder category.

Kristin Garcia of St. Louis won the all-female Trophy class, sponsored tonight by Craig Garcia. Craig provided gift cards and gift certificates to the competitors in the class.

The points battle to watch on Sunday is in the Super Pro class. Leader Corey Landolt leads Tim Reid by just four points, 500 to 496. The only class that will not be decided on Sunday will be High School, which will be contested on September 7.

Final-round results, indicating racer, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed:

Super Pro

Winner: Tommy Heaney (Imperial, Missouri) 1991 Mustang  .023  6.085 sec. 113.05 mph.

Runner-up: Mark Holloran (Ellisville, Missouri) 1957 Chevrolet  .012  5.065 sec. 136.22 mph.



Winner: Tyler Richardson (St. Louis) 1967 Camaro  .062  6.312 sec. 107.15 mph.

Runner-up: Adam Penning (Hermann, Missouri) 1989 Mustang  -.079 (fouled)  6.455 sec. 107.16 mph.



Winner: Erik Lipka (O’Fallon, Missouri) 1999 Camaro  .162  11.998 sec. 113.16 mph.

Runner-up: Ted Lipka (O’Fallon, Missouri) 2000 Camaro  -.376 (fouled)  12.279 sec. 110.63 mph.


Super Pro Motorcycle

Winner: Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Missouri) 2002 Hayabusa  .115  9.905 sec. 135.05 mph.

Runner-up: Don Klarer (St. Charles, Missouri) 2002 Kawasaki  .132  10.571 sec. 133.20 mph.


1/4-Mile Bonus Race

Winner: Corey Landolt (Hermann, Missouri) 2006 McPhantom dragster  .019  7.404 sec. 169.17 mph.

Runner-up: Brad Matthews  1992 Camaro  .054  9.676 sec. 136.32 mph.


Jr. Dragster Lightning

Winner: Mikayla Greene (Lawson, Missouri)  .027  7.937 sec. 82.33 mph.

Runner-up: Chris Ruzicka (Grove City, Ohio)  .065  7.905 sec. 82.78 mph.


Jr. Dragster Thunder

Winner: Lindsey Schmidt (Imperial, Missouri)  .086  9.272 sec. 51.98 mph.

Runner-up: Matthew Taylor (St. Charles, Missouri)  .633  14.205 sec. 44.41 mph.



Winner: Kristin Garcia (St. Louis) 1979 Camaro  .128  12.158 sec. 99.58 mph.

Runner-up: Leah Albietz (Wentzville, Missouri)  -.077 (fouled)  13.334 sec. 105.27 mph.


SEPTEMBER 4 — Final Bracket Points Race, Final Jr. Dragster Points Race, NHRA Summit King of the Track Day

8  a.m. — Gates, pit parking and racer registration open.

9 a.m. — Tech inspection.

9:30 a.m. — First Jr. Dragster time trial, first Trophy time trial.

10 a.m. — Concession stands open.


10 a.m.

Pro time trial / Box 1/4-Mile Bonus time trial.

Super Pro time trial / No Box 1/4-Mile Bonus time trial.

Super Pro Motorcycle time trial.

Sportsman time trial.

Trophy and Jr. Dragster eliminations begin.


Noon (approximately)

First round of eliminations for bracket series.

Second round of eliminations for bracket series.

1/4-Mile Bonus eliminations begin following second round of eliminations.

King-of-the-Track eliminations will begin 10 minutes after finals end.

Saturday Super Pro Motorcycle winner vs. Sunday Super Pro Motorcycle winner.

Saturday Sportsman winner vs. Sunday Sportsman winner.

Saturday Pro winner vs. Sunday Pro winner.

Saturday Super Pro winner vs. Saturday Super Pro winner.

Schedule is an approximate estimate and is subject to change for various reasons.


Time trials in Super Pro and Pro will be contested as 1/4-mile to accommodate racers needing runs for the 1/4- Mile Bonus Race class.

The Bonus Race is a non-points program.  In the event of weather, priority will be given to completing all point series classes.


Classes to be contested on Sunday, September 4:

VP Racing Fuels Super Pro – 1/8 mile, points: $65 entry.

Pro – 1/8-mile, points: $55 entry.

Sportsman  – 1/4-mile, points: $40 entry.

Super Pro Motorcycle – 1/4-mile, points: $40 entry.

Trophy – 1/4-mile, points: $30 entry.

Jr. Dragster Thunder – points: $30 entry.

Jr. Dragster Lightning – points: $30 entry.

Jr. Dragster Rookie – non-points: $30 entry.

Spectator or crew passes: $15.


1/4-Mile Box vs. No-Box Combo: $60 entry fee. Box will race Box until the final. No-Box races No-Box until the final. Box winner will race No-Box winner for $1,000 to win and $400 to runner-up.


NHRA King of the Track: Will be contested as 1/8-mile, with .5 Full Tree. Compulink Cross-Talk will be off for the event.


Team Gateway meeting will be held between rounds of King of the Track with Team Captain Kevin Corzine and Drag Strip Manager George Whitaker.