Granite City Rotary Club event raised money for local displaced steelworkers


The Granite City Rotary Club, in conjunction with the mayors of Madison, Granite City and Pontoon Beach, Illinois, hosted the Community Rally at the Raceway on Thursday, November 3 at Gateway Motorsports Park.

The event will help more than 1,600 local steelworkers idled by the United States Steel Corporation at the end of 2015. Many of the displaced workers have run out of unemployment and healthcare benefits and are struggling to make ends meet.

The Rally was held in the garage area of the infield of the superspeedway. The main event of the fundraiser was a “phantom race.” Sponsored cardboard race cars are advanced by rolling dice. Entries will compete in six heat races and the winners will advance to the championship race. Additional activities included a 50-50 raffle and racing roulette.


All proceeds from the event will help support local steelworker needs and be disbursed through the United Way of Greater St. Louis labor liaison.

“Historically, the steelworkers have been the backbone of the community,” said Granite City Mayor Ed Hagnauer. “Now it’s time to join forces as a sign of solidarity and support the steelworkers. With the support of the community, a difference can be made in the lives of those who have supported the community for years.”