Midnight Madness Rules

  • General Guidelines:
    • When you arrive, proceed to Lanes 0 and 1 for Tech. Lane 0 is to the left of Lane 1 against the fence and ONLY for those who pre-purchased via the Pit Pay App.
    • Please have your tech card filled out COMPLETELY prior to reaching the tech official.  After you have been through Tech, you will get your first run out of the tech lanes.  Follow the instructions of any Tech/Staging official.
    • Midnight Madness is designed for daily driver street cars only.  NO dragsters or altered. No “race cars”. Must be licensed and legal to drive on the street.  Proof of license/registration may be requested by a tech official.
    • After you have made for first pass, you may return to the staging lanes for another one in Lanes 3 and 5. Please follow the directions of signage and officials as these lanes may change depending on car count. There is NO guarantee as to how many runs you will get on a Midnight Madness event above 1, as it is dependent on car count and other extenuating circumstances.
    • Everyone MUST wait in the staging lanes to get their pass.
    • Motorcycles can opt to wait in Lane 7, which will be run in approximate rotation with the rest of the cars.  Bike and rider MUST wait together in the lanes, and there is no saving spots.  Once the 1st Bike is pulled out of the lanes, anyone NOT in the lanes will have to wait for the next time.  This is designed so that bikes do not have to wait in line with the cars. If it is abused, World Wide Technology Raceway reserves the right to take away this lane at any time.
  • We follow all NHRA ET Guideline and Safety Rules, as can be found in the 2020 NHRA Rulebook.  A full copy can be found at www.nhraracer.com.
    • All participants going down track must wear LONG Pants and have a shirt with sleeves.
    • Helmet (Snell 2010 or newer) required at 13.99 and faster
      • If you need a helmet, you are too fast to have a passenger.  Passengers only permitted 14.00 and slower. 1 passenger per car ONLY, must have also signed waiver and have proper wristband. Passenger MUST be over 16 years old.  If 16 or 17, must have a signed Parental Waiver on file with WWT Raceway.
  • You can only drive the car that you completed technical inspection with.  If you want to drive 2 different cars, you must have 2 tech cards.  If you and your buddy want to drive each other’s car, you both MUST have a tech card for each vehicle you will be driving. Drivers will be assigned to a specific car number when they pass technical inspection and sign the waver.
  • Motorcycle Safety Guidelines:
    • Helmet Full-face Snell M2010, M2015, SA2010, or SA2015 helmet mandatory; shield mandatory (goggles prohibited). Full all-leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/2 suit mandatory on motorcycles running 120 mph or faster. Two-piece suits must be joined together with a metal 360-degree zipper at the waist. SFI Spec 40.1/1 or 40.1/2 suit or leather jacket, leather boots/shoes above the ankle, and leather gloves are mandatory on ALL motorcycles. Gloves must be Kevlar-lined or equipped with slide buttons.
  • General Nightly Schedule (SUBJECT TO CHAGNE):

Gates for Pit Pay App users: 6 PM
Gates for On-Site Purchasers/Spectators: 6:30 PM
Racing for Pit Pay & RTI Certified Cars: 6:30 PM
Tech Inspection for Non-RTI Certified Cars: 6:30 PM
Racing for Non-Pit Pay & Non-RTI Cars: 7:30 PM
Staging Lanes Close: 12:30 AM
Conclude: 1 AM

Pit Sweep: 1:15 AM


Racer: $25 via Pit Pay App (Advance) / $30 at the Gate
Restricted Crew: $17 via Pit Pay App (Advance) / $20 at the Gate
Spectator: $17 via MetroTix (Advance) / $20 at the Gate (Limited to 20% of venue capacity).
Kids Crew 8-15 on MetroTix: $8
Kids 7 and under: Free
West Side Drive-In Tailgate Spots: $20 via MetroTix (all occupants of vehicle must have a ticket)

Any crewmembers or spectators not riding into the track with the race car will be required to park on the West side of the track -or- pay for a racer pass to park in pit area.

As part of the Restore Illinois plan, safe distancing will be observed and additional guidelines will be posted via social and at WWTRaceway.com. In addition, it is recommended that all participants pre-purchase their race entry into the venue (via the Pit Pay App). Crewmembers who need restricted access should purchase their credentials via Pit Pay App. Crew members who do not require restricted access may purchase in advance via MetroTix. With limited tickets for spectators it is recommended that advance tickets are purchased and it also speeds up the entry process into the facility.

Priority access will be given to racers who purchase through Pit Pay App as their racer gates will open 30 minutes prior to on-site purchasers. In addition, an express lane will be open all evening for faster access into the venue.
Priority racing access will be given to racers who purchase their entry via the Pit Pay App as well as have a track RTI Technical Inspection in place. Racing will begin at 6:30 p.m. for RTI/Pit Pay users. 1 hour ahead of non-RTI/on-site purchasers (7:30 p.m.).

Please note: As part of the safety guidelines moving forward, WWT Raceway will go paperless for all timeslips. Please download the WWT Raceway Timeslip App from DynoGeeks on your Apple or Android Device. The App is free on the App store. You MUST download the app to get a time slip!

Midnight Madness is only open to motorcycles, full-size cars and trucks/SUVs. No altereds or dragsters of any kind are permitted at Madness events.

Express lane entry into the facility. You will not have to stop for a transaction at the pit gate.
Early parking privileges. You will be permitted to enter the facility thirty (30) minutes ahead of on-site purchasers.
Early access at racer registration.
Early start time = more runs!

The following rules will continue in 2020. These rules will apply to any two-wheel vehicle. These rules are meant to make Midnight Madness safer and more efficient for everyone.

  • Lane 7 is the new designated lane for bikes.
  • Bikes running in lane 7 will be pulled in approximate rotation as the wait time in all regular lanes (Car count, spills on the track, and Sharks of the Strip will vary this time.)
  • If you are going to make a pass, yourself AND your bike need to be in lane 7.
  • You may not hold spots for other bikes.
  • As soon as the first bike is rolled out of the front of the lanes, the lane is closed.  Any bike that is not there at the time the first bike rolls will have to wait until the next rotation. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Once released from the front of the staging lanes, the motorcycles will follow the cars in a pack until they get to the ready line.  You may not pass up the cars, you must remain in line.
  • You will no longer be able to come through the cross walk. You must go around the fence to the back of the staging lanes.
  • Motorcycles are still welcome to fall in line with the regular midnight madness cars, but this is a new option for those with concerns of running against cars down the track.
  • We are doing this as it is what the large majority of bike racers have asked for. If you bypass the line or do not abide by the rules of the lane, you will be asked to leave and could ruin this for all of your fellow motorcycle competitors. World Wide Technology Raceway reserves the right to cancel the bike lane at any time if it is being abused.