One of Gateway Motorsports Park biggest weekends of drag racing is coming up June 17-19.  Headlining the card: the Door Cars-vs.-Dragsters MegaBucks $7,500-to-win shootout, JEGS Super Quick Series, Box-No Box Shootout and two days of ET Bracket Series points racing.


Friday, June 17

7 a.m. — Pit gates open.

9 a.m. — Tech inspection.

11a.m.-4 p.m. — Test ‘n’ Tune ($50 per car).

4 p.m. – First MegaBucks time trial (one run prior to eliminations).

6 p.m. — MegaBucks $2,500-to-win Friday Night Shootout (2 classes: Box and No Box; 1/8 mile, $2,500- to-win each).

10 p.m. — Pit gates secure, overnight stack begins.


Saturday, June 18

6 a.m. — Pit gates open.

7 a.m. — Tech inspection.

8 a.m. — Jr. Dragster and Trophy time trials (2 runs).

9:30 a.m. — Bracket time trials (2 runs) Run order: Pro, Pro Bike, Super Pro, Sportsman. Bracket eliminations begin following second time trial.

1 p.m. – First round of JEGS Super Quick qualifying.

3:30 p.m. – Second round of JEGS Super Quick qualifying.

6 p.m. – Third round of JEGS Super Quick qualifying.

7 p.m. – $7,500-to-win Door Cars vs. Dragsters (Begins immediately following bracket points race or conclusion of JEGS qualifying).

11:30 p.m. — Secure track.


Sunday, June 19

6 a.m. — Pit gates open.

7 a.m. — Tech inspection.

7:30 a.m. — RFC chapel service.

8 a.m. — Jr. Dragster and Trophy time trial (1 run).

8:30 a.m. – First round of Jr. Dragster points race eliminations.

9 a.m. — Bracket points race time trial (1 run).

11 a.m. — JEGS Super Quick and bracket eliminations for points race.

5 p.m. — All final rounds of eliminations, followed by awards.

Schedule subject to change


JEGS Super Quick: 64 Cars, 1/8 mile, 4.50 – 5.99

Winner: $2,000.

Runner-up: $1,000.

Fifth round: $400.

Fourth round: $200.

Third round: $100.

Low Qualifier Award: $200 JEGS gift certificate.

Non-qualifiers may run Super Pro 1/8-mile.


E.T. Bracket Series points classes: Guaranteed payouts both Saturday and Sunday in Super Pro, Pro and Sportsman


Super Pro: 1/8-mile.

Winner: $1,500.

Runner-up: $500.

Semi: $200.

Quarter: $100.


Pro: 1/8-mile.

Winner: $1,000.

Runner-up: $500.

Semi: $150.

Quarter: $75.


Sportsman: ¼-mile.

Winner: $350.

Runner-up: $150.

Semi: $75.

Quarter: $55.


Motorcycle: ¼-mile, based on 9 bikes (pro rata if less).

Winner: $150.

Runner-up: $75.

Semi: $40.


Trophy: ¼-mile, based on 9 entries (pro rata if less).

Winner: $150.

Runner-up: $50.


Weekend high-point award to be presented in each E.T. bracket class lass for drivers entered in the Gateway ET points program. 


Jr. Dragsters

Jr. Dragster Lightning: Ages 13 and up, 7.90 and slower.

Jr. Dragster Thunder: Ages 8-12, 8.90 and slower.

Trophy to winner and plaques to runner-up and semi.


Entry Fees:

Super Quick: $100.

Super Pro: $65 per day with $40 buybacks.

Pro: $55 per day with $30 buybacks.

Sportsman: $40 per day with $20 buybacks.

Motorcycle: $40 per day with $20 buybacks.

Trophy: $30 per day with $20 buybacks.

Jr. Dragster: $30 per day with $20 buybacks.

Weekend crew pass: $45 (required for any crewmember entering facility on Friday).

Two-day crew pass (Saturday-Sunday, sold on Saturday only): $30.

Daily crew pass (sold Sunday only): $15.


JEGS Super Quick racers may also purchase a Super Pro entry as well as MegaBucks entries.

Complete E.T. bracket program each day. Purses posted reflect both Saturday and Sunday.

All posted purses guaranteed unless otherwise noted.



$2,500 to win each.

$100 entry with $50 buyback.

Win: $2,500.

Runner-up: $1,000.

Semi: $400.

Quarter: $200.

Eighth: $100.

Based on 65 cars in first round. (Purse will be pro-rata for less than 65 cars). First-round buybacks only. One (1) entry per car, per class (a car can enter both Box and No Box if it meets class guidelines). Driver may enter multiple cars. One time trial. Random pairs to final 8, then ladder. One time run scheduled at 4 p.m. Eliminations follow time trial.



64 Door Cars vs. 64 Dragsters.

Winner of Door Cars vs. Dragster final: $7,500.

Runner-up of Door Cars vs. Dragster final: $3,000.

Door Car Runner-up: $600.

Dragster Runner-up: $600.

Door Car semi: $300.

Dragster semi: $300.

Door Car Quarter: $150.

Dragster Quarter: $150.

.5 Full Tree, Compulink Cross-Talk, 1/8-mile.

Entry fee: $150 (no buybacks).

Full payout based on minimum of 48 of 64 cars in each class. Pro rata only if less than 96 of the possible 128 positions.

No time trial scheduled as it follows the Friday event, the Saturday bracket event and the Saturday JEG’s Super Quick qualifying.

A roadster will be considered a door car for entry purposes. However, management reserves the right to move roadsters into Dragster category to balance the field.

Pre-entry for Door Cars vs. Dragsters will begin on Thursday, June 2 by phoning Sarah Allison at (618) 215-8888 ext. 114. Payment may be made via phone with credit card or via check/cash/money order provided that entries are received within 48 hours of signing up. Please indicate your vehicle type when registering. Schedule subject to change.

Decisions of the event director are final and non-appealable.

Directions to track for early arrivals and stacking: IL-203 South to Collinsville Road. Turn right on Collinsville Road for approximately 1/8-mile. Turn right into Collinsville Road entry gate at the Gateway Dirtplex. Proceed down west road.

Early stacking will open on Thursday (June 16) night at 5 p.m. All rigs will be held on West road until gates open.

Rigs will not be allowed to enter the property after racer gates have closed.

Only occupants of vehicles with valid event credentials will be permitted to re-enter the property after racer gates have closed. If you do not have a valid event wristband you will not be able to enter the property for any reason. Please plan your arrival at the track accordingly.

Gateway Motorsports Park reserved parking will be in effect for this event.  If you have a reserved spot and do not plan on using it, please notify track manager George Whitaker by June 15, 2016.

Please note: Anyone entering the facility on Friday will be required to purchase a weekend (3-day) credential.  Any crew entering the facility on Saturday will be required to purchase a 2-day credential.  Single-day crew passes will be sold Sunday only.

Crewmembers of cars who only plan to accompany a race team Saturday only will be required to purchase a 2-day credential and turn in wristband at the end of the day Saturday for credit of their Sunday crew pass.