The Gateway Motorsports Park Dragplex has wrapped up a busy, cash-loaded weekend of drag racing. Racing included MegaBucks races for Box and No-Box cars, the rescheduled JEGS Super Quick Series, Door Car-vs.-Dragster shootout and two complete editions of GMP’s ET Bracket Series. There were 16 finals and only one repeat winner: Jeremy McKague of Chamois, Missouri, won Friday’s $1,000 MegaBucks No-Box final and also Saturday’s $1,000 Pro finale.

Phil Bryant won the JEGS Super Quick final. John Bisci photo.

Phil Bryant won the JEGS Super Quick final. John Bisci photo.

Sunday’s JEGS Super Quick final pitted Phil Bryant (Litchfield, Illinois) against Cristy Back (New Carlisle, Ohio). Bryant, in the right lane, posted a .007 reaction time and won the $2,000 winner’s purse.

Saturday’s Door Cars-vs.-Dragsters competition was won by Tommy Heaney of Imperial, Missouri. Heaney’s Mustang “door car” collected the $6,000 winner’s check by defeating the dragster of Al Peavler of Olney, Illinois.

On Friday, Scott Offerman of Highland, Illinois, scored a $2,500 victory by defeating Greg Rice of Maryland Heights, Missouri, in the MegaBucks Box finale. Jeremy McKague of Chamois, Missouri, collected $1,000 for defeating Jesse Garcia of St. Louis in the final round of MegaBucks No-Box eliminations. As they say, “timing is everything” — Offerman’s opponent “went red” on the starting line while McKague turned in a near-perfect reaction time of .002 sec. to take the No-Box win.

Jake Metternich won Saturday's Jr. Dragster Thunder final. Brad Plant photo.

Jake Metternich won Saturday’s Jr. Dragster Thunder final. Brad Plant photo.

Final-round results, indicating racer, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed:


Friday $2,500-to-win MegaBucks Box

Winner: Scott Offerman (Highland, Illinois) 2005 Trak Chassis  .013  5.015 sec. 131.87 mph.

Runner-up: Greg Rice (Maryland Heights, Missouri) 2015 ProFab  -.010 (foul)  8.222 sec. 58.61 mph.


Friday $1,000-to-win MegaBucks No-Box

Winner: Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Missouri) 1969 Nova  .002  6.425 sec. 104.68 mph.

Runner-up: Jesse Garcia (St. Louis) 1978 Nova  .021  6.515 sec. 100.89 mph.


Saturday Door Cars vs. Dragsters ($6,000 to win)

Winner: Tommy Heaney (Imperial, Missouri) 1991 Mustang  .034  6.119 sec. 112.38 mph.

Runner-up: Al Peavler (Olney, Illinois) 2016 American dragster  .025  4.808 sec. 141.64 mph.


Saturday Super Pro ($1,500 to win)

Winner: Jeremiah Hall (Evansville, Indiana) 2006 MRJ  .010  4.616 sec. 148.35 mph.

Runner-up: Brian Amileham (Lawndale, Illinois) 2004 Undercover  .041  4.839 sec. 141.77 mph.


Saturday Pro ($1,000 to win)

Winner: Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Missouri) 1969 Nova  .017  6.420 sec. 103.70 mph.

Runner-up: Brad Matthews  1972 Camaro  .067  6.190 sec. 110.88 mph.


Saturday Sportsman

Winner: Craig Powell (St. Louis) 1985 Monte Carlo  .003  12.473 sec. 108.47 mph.

Runner-up: Danny Ratulowski (Highland, Illinois) 2001 Camaro  .024  13.147 sec. 99.68 mph.


Saturday Super Pro Motorcycle

Winner: Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa  .062  9.909 sec. 138.83 mph.

Runner-up: Scott Leonard (Canton, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa  .029  9.114 sec. 139.01 mph.


Saturday Jr. Dragster Thunder

Winner: Jake Metternich (East Peoria, Illinois) .086  8.871 sec. 73.90 mph.

Runner-up: Lilly Kinne (Canton, Illinois) .117  12.032 sec. 54.29 mph.


Saturday Jr. Dragster Lightning

Winner: Logan Back (New Carlisle, Ohio)  .031  7.953 sec. 81.84 mph.

Runner-up: Sierra Bird (Oak Grove, Missouri)  .038  7.957 sec. 75.62 mph.


Sunday JEGS Super Quick Series ($2,000 to win)

Winner: Phil Bryant (Litchfield, Illinois) 2001 Miller dragster  .007  5.091 sec. 135.43 mph.

Runner-up: Cristy Back (New Carlisle, Ohio) 2003 Racetech dragster  .020  4.686 sec. 145.89 mph.


Sunday Super Pro ($1,500 to win)

Winner: Mike Egglesten (Highland, Illinois) 2013 Racecraft dragster  .017  4.610 sec. 145.09 mph.

Runner-up: Bill Beever (Columbia, Illinois) 1988 Camaro  .038  5.533 sec. 123.04 mph.


Sunday Pro ($1,000 to win)

Winner: Lloyd Jennings (St. Charles, Missouri) 1966 Chevelle  .060  6.780 sec. 100.88 mph.

Runner-up: John Ratulowski Sr. (Highland, Illinois) 1971 Camaro  -.002 (foul)  6.573 sec. 104.37 mph.


Sunday Sportsman

Winner: Ron Beach (Troy, Illinois) 1969 GTO  .013  12.038 sec. 106.68 mph.

Runner-up: Mike Ratulowski (Highland, Illinois)  .063  13.432 sec. 103.54 mph.


Sunday Super Pro Motorcycle

Winner: Phil Humphrey (Collinsville, Illinois) 2006 Kawasaki  .184  8.752 sec. 158.33 mph.

Runner-up: Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa  -.014 (foul)  9.820 sec. 140.71 mph.


Sunday Trophy

Winner: Deb Schneider (Collinsville, Illinois) 2001 Camaro  .207  13.420 sec. 102.71 mph.

Runner-up: Steve Halenberger (Union, Missouri) 2012 Challenger  .142  13.524 sec. 106.08 mph.


Sunday Jr. Dragster Lightning

Winner: Clayton McGinnis (Independence, Missouri) .003  7.904 sec. 82.71 mph.

Runner-up: Paige Hoghe (Granite City, Illinois)  .031  7.936 sec. 83.76 mph.


Sunday Jr. Dragster Thunder

Winner: Lindsey Back  .151  8.929 sec. 72.76 mph.

Runner-up: Nick Dokman (Fairview Heights, Illinois)  .151  8.977 sec. 70.28 mph.


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