Mark Gilliam of Staunton, Illinois defeated Bob Krekel of Union, Missouri, to win the Super Pro class finale today at Gateway Motorsports Park. Jesse Garcia of St. Louis won the final round of Pro eliminations. Erik Lipka of O’Fallon, Missouri, scored in the Sportsman class and Charles Willis Jr. of Collinsville, Illinois, visited the Domino’s Pizza victory lane for the seventh time in 2016 after winning the Super Pro Motorcycle class.

Jeremy McKague (pictured above) of Chamois, Missouri, won the 1/4-Mile Bonus No-Box race over Kevin Corzine of Robertsville, Missouri, then defeated Mark Halloran in the 1/4-Mile Bonus Box vs. No-Box final.

Brian Garcia of Fairmont City, Illinois, won the Trophy class.

Aaron Hagen (High Ridge, Missouri) defeated Paul Hagen (Fenton, Missouri) in the Street Driven Rear Wheel Drive Bracket final.

Two Junior Dragster programs were run today after Friday’s racing was rained out midway through the program. Wins were taken by Jake Metternich and Sam Stewart (Thunder) and Clayton McGinnis and Mikayla Greene (Thunder).

Final-round results, indicating racer, hometown, vehicle, reaction time, elapsed time, top speed:

Super Pro

Winner: Mark Gilliam (Staunton, Illinois)  2000 Gebhardt dragster  .035  5.291 sec. 128.35 mph.

Runner-up: Bob Krekel (Union, Missouri) 2001 Racetech dragster  -.005 (fouled)  5.758 sec. 116.58 mph.



Winner: Jesse Garcia (St. Louis) 1978 Nova  .055  6.544 sec. 100.35 mph.

Runner-up: Tyler Richardson (St. Louis) 1967 Camaro  .067  6.378 sec. 106.29 mph.



Winner: Erik Lipka (O’Fallon, Missouri) 2002 Camaro  .031  12.130 sec. 110.43 mph.

Runner-up: Aaron Hagen (High Ridge, Missouri) 2001 Formula  -.004 (fouled)  12.685 sec. 107.00 mph.


Super Pro Motorcycle

Winner: Charles Willis Jr. (Collinsville, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa  .005  9.945 sec. 135.01 mph.

Runner-up: Scott Leonard (Glen Carbon, Illinois) 2002 Hayabusa  .028  9.322 sec. 145.02 mph.



Winner: Brian Garcia (Fairmont City, Illinois) 2001 Camaro  -.059 (fouled) 12.427 sec. 108.08 mph.

Runner-up: Dylan Rosentreter (Gillespie, Illinois) 1978 Dodge  -.203 (fouled)  17.948 sec. 69.82 mph.


Quarter-Mile Bonus Box winner vs. No-Box winner

Winner: Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Illinois) 1969 Nova  .000  10.154 sec. 128.93 mph.

Runner-up: Mark Halloran (Ellisville, Missouri) 1957 Chevrolet  .017  7.902 sec. 174.05 mph.


Quarter-Mile Bonus Box

Winner: Mark Halloran (Ellisville, Missouri) 1957 Chevrolet  .012  7.931 sec. 169.66 mph.

Runner-up: Cory Eggert (Winfield, Missouri) 2016 Nelson dragster  .009  7.954 sec. 138.61 mph.


Quarter-Mile Bonus No-Box

Winner: Jeremy McKague (Chamois, Illinois) 1969 Nova  .038  10.163 sec. 129.88 mph.

Runner-up: Kevin Corzine (Robertsville, Missouri) 1981 Camaro  .079  9.270 sec. 144.10 mph.


Street Driven Rear Wheel Drive Bracket

Winner: Aaron Hagen (High Ridge, Missouri) 2001 Formula  .063  12.666 sec. 108.19 mph.

Runner-up: Paul Hagen (Fenton, Missouri) 2001 Formula  .051  12.466 sec. 109.46 mph.


Jr. Dragster Thunder (Saturday)

Winner: Jake Metternich  .015  8.949 sec. 74.02 mph.

Runner-up: Sam Stewart (Washington, Missouri)  .028  8.973 sec. 70.06 mph.


Jr. Dragster Lightning (Saturday)

Winner: Mikayla Greene (Lawson, Missouri)  .067  7.902 sec. 82.15 mph.

Runner-up: Clayton McGinnis (Independence, Missouri)  .023  7.959 sec. 82.19 mph.


Jr. Dragster Thunder (Friday)

Winner: Sam Stewart (Washington, Missouri)

Runner-up: Lindsey Schmidt (Imperial, Missouri)


Jr. Dragster Lightning (Friday)

Winner: Clayton McGinnis (Independence, Missouri)

Runner-up: Paige Teel (Quincy, Illinois)


Next race: All-American Hot Rod Showdown, Aug. 5-6, for the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Includes fireworks, Jet Cars, Top Alcohol Funny Cars and Dragsters. Admission is only $20 per car load.