After six karting championships, road racing is on his radar screen


(February 8) In auto racing jargon, trophies are referred to as hardware. After Saturday night’s Gateway Kartplex banquet, 15-year-old Evan Stamer has enough to stock his own Ace or True Value franchise. The Edwardsville, Illinois native has won six points championships in just three seasons at the challenging road course kart track in Madison, Illinois.

In 2016, the Edwardsville High School student clinched three Gateway Kartplex titles: Ignite Jr. in the Ignite Series, Briggs Jr. in the SUPERCOMP Series and 4 Cycle Jr. in the I-55 Series.

“I started in kart racing three years ago when I was 12 years old,” Stamer said. “As a kid I was really into dirt bikes. I rode dirt bikes a lot. I was wondering what else was out there. The Margay go-kart company is in St. Louis and we printed off a flyer from their website and decided to call them one day. The interest grew from there and we ended up buying a kart.”

The Gateway Kartplex makes it easy for novices to break into the sport. In short, you purchase a kart and go racing, because that’s what everyone at Saturday night’s banquet did.

“So far, I’ve won six championships,” Stamer continued. “I want to branch out. I’m trying to focus more on the Yamaha class, which is a two-stroke class. They race at a lot of national event races in states such as Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin.

“After kart racing I definitely want to get into sports car racing. Maybe start in smaller cars like (Mazda) Miatas and work my way up the ladder up work my way up to Porsches. I like road course racing — the action, turning — it’s more challenging.”


Top: Mark Schwigen

Bottom: John Bisci