EXPLANATION OF: CROSSTALK which is used in Super Pro, Pro Bike and Top Sportsman/Top Dragster categories.  It is the responsibility of the racer to understand this rule.  We do not issue re-runs due to failure to understand this rule. 

CompuLink Timing has used CrossTalk since the 2006 season.  

 “CompuLink CrossTalk” can be used in all electronics classes that use the full tree allowing top bulb cross over. 

With this option the tree can stay completely blinded with the amber lights focused directly at the driver. The top amber light in each lane will activate with the start of the slower dialed cars tree countdown, the slower cars tree will continue on its normal .5 second countdown to green. The faster cars top light will stay on for the standard .5 second duration plus the amount of handicap between the two lanes, and then it will continue to countdown after that at the .5 sec countdown to green.

If the faster dialed car does not want to see the cross over light, all he/she needs to do is place an “N” after their dial-in. The clock operator then types this “N” into the system after the dial-in. A negative sign will appear on the scoreboard in front of the dial-in signifying that the CrossTalk has been disabled for that pair. The tree will then operate in the standard full tree count down mode.

This allows a much cleaner look at the top light for both drivers, than top of the shade removed and light turned to the center. A driver using the option of two hits, can still do so by adjusting to a top hit and 2nd hit on either the second or bottom amber.