After finishing second and third in two 11-lap heat races earlier in the day, Colten Dudici of Maryville, Illinois, held off two-time 2016 winner Ryan Betternhausen to capture the fourth round of the Ignite Series’ Senior class today at the Gateway Kartplex in Madison, Illinois. Dillon Emerson finished third in the 15-lap feature. Bettenhausen leads Dudici in the point standings, 401 to 356.

Evan Stamer of Edwardsville, Illinois, won the 15-lap Ignite Junior feature ahead of Hailey Todtenhaupt and Davis Worley. Stamer and Todtenhaupt won 10-lap preliminary heats. Stamer leads the Junior points (389) with Todtenhaupt and Worley currently tied for second place (344).

Dane Sensel won the Ignite Rookie15-lap feature over Cameron Myers and Reid Sweeney. Sweeney won both 11-lap heat races.

The 15-lap Ignite Masters feature was won by Seth Gordon. Gordon and Mark Schwigen won 10-lap heats.

Austin Todtenhaupt won the 12-lap Kid Kart Honda feature. Todtenhaupt and Lane Mayer won KKH heat races.


Ignite Series Round 4 feature race results:

Ignite Series Senior (15 laps): 1. Colten Dudici, 2. Ryan Bettenhausen, 3. Dillon Emerson, 4. Eric Loddeke, 5. Matthew Cowhey, 6. Tim Cowhey, 7. Paul Fodde, 8. Andre Stunson, 9. Matthew Pyatt, 10. John Noto, 11. Demarcus Furlow, 12. Rod Scharf, 13. Sean Kennedy.

Ignite Series Junior (15 laps): 1. Evan Stamer, 2. Hailey Todtenhaupt, 3. Davis Worley,4. Nolan Baltz, 5. Cole Sensel, 6. Gage Rucker, 7. Anthony Noto.

Ignite Series Rookie (15 laps): 1. Dane Sensel, 2. Cameron Myers, 3. Reid Sweeney, 4. Jaiden Beckman, 5. Carter Pryor, 6. Marco Campisi.

Ignite Series Masters (15 laps): 1. Seth Gordon, 2. Mark Schwigen, 3. Royce Payton, 4. Jon Vernier, 5. Robert Davis, 6. Mike Lebrun, 7. Michael Caparon, 8. Tom Oster.

Ignite Series Kid Kart Honda (12 laps): 1. Austin Todtenhaupt, 2. Lane Mayer, 3. Race Beckman, 4. Connor Strohm.


Remaining 2016 Ignite Series races: July 23, Aug. 13, Aug. 27, Sept. 10, Oct. 15, Oct. 29.