The Dragplex at Gateway Motorsports Park will open its 2016 season for the Gateway High School Championship Series on Wednesday, May 4. The series will consist of 10 events and each racer’s best eight finishes will count toward the title. The 2016 Team Gateway E.T. Finals team will include two representatives from the High School Championship Series program.

The Dragplex’s NHRA-sanctioned Jr. Street program will begin on May 11.

With the exception of one race in each series, all events will be held on Wednesday evenings.

HIGH SCHOOL — (12.00-sec. and up; ¼-mile).

May 4 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 1.

May 18 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 2.

June 1 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 3.

June 15 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 4.

July 6 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 5.

July 13 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 6.

July 27 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 7.

July 29 (Friday) — High School race No. 8.

August 17 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 9.

August 31 (Wednesday) — High School race No. 10.


Entry fees: Car and driver — Free with enrollment in 2016 Gateway High School Points Program ($50). Non-members will be charged $30 per event. All High School participants must have a valid parental consent form on file with Gateway Motorsports Park.



Eligible drivers: 13-16 years of age.

Eligible vehicles: Full-bodied, street-legal vehicles that meet program requirements.

E.T. limits: 1/8 mile, 10 seconds or slower.

Additional: All drivers must be accompanied by a licensed adult in the vehicle.

Program will feature classroom, starting line and basic instruction prior to licensing.

Cost: $30 per event, for car and driver.


Please refer to Jr. Street rules for additional information regarding this new program.

May 11 (Wednesday).

May 25 (Wednesday).

June 8 (Wednesday).

June 22 (Wednesday).

July 20 (Wednesday).

July 29 (Friday).

August 10 (Wednesday).

September 7 (Wednesday).

Eight races are scheduled. A driver’s best five finishes (after completing necessary license runs)  will count toward the title. A championship trophy will be awarded to the class winner only.

Please refer to the NHRA website (NHRA JR. STREET) for information and licensing forms on this program.


Most events will consist of two time trial runs and eliminations for licensed Jr. Street participants. Drivers attempting to earn their license will be given three license runs per evening (time permitting).